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3rdFriday is a distinctive cloud-based, SaaS platform tailored for the Medical Market, focusing on optimizing the connections between leading Hospitals and the tens of thousands of Physicians who are annually looking for residency and fellowship positions.

We have a proven track record of helping hospitals recruit higher quality medical residents and effectively helping the young MDs navigate through the complex and competitive process of securing a desirable training spot.

Our success is built upon our advanced AI algorithms, deep market knowledge and an engaging user interface for the MD applicants, medical program directors and large-scale healthcare enterprises.

Main Features

Smart AI Sorting Tool

Sorts through thousands of applications in milliseconds. Discovers ‘hidden gem’ applicant matches using AI

Realtime Notifications

Automatically alerts program directors of any changes to schedule

Morning Briefings

Provide a summary of everything that took place in past 24 hours

Advanced Customer Contact

Mitigates firewall / filter challenges, providing 99% deliverability rate

Program Benefits

Innovative AI Tools

Find and interview the best applicants before other program directors and get a head-start

Residency Safety Net

Automatically alerts program directors of any changes to schedule

Data Integration

Upload Application Systems applications seamlessly and rapidly

Panorama Video (Interview Platform)

Mitigates firewall / filter challenges, providing 97% deliverability rate


Proven Record of Higher Quality Candidates

Full-Service Platform

Unprecedented convenience and transparency for program directors and coordinators with “Vitals” comprehensive oversight, “Panorama” video interviews, scheduling, sorting and ranking all in one place.

Fully Integrated Solution

Seamless data integration, virtual waiting rooms, real-time waitlists, and integrated ranking system.

Force Multiplier Functionality

Vitals by 3rdFriday™, our unique comprehensive oversight dashboard provides the enterprise with full visibility of all residency programs. The easy, graphical interface gives leadership a moment-to-moment hierarchical view of the entire organization.

Management can sort and graphically view regions, hospitals, and programs, comparing their progress.

For deeper analysis and statistics, Vitals is linked to Microsoft PowerBI (Business Intelligence).

User Testimonials

98 %
applicant’s overall satisfaction with using 3rdFriday
90 %
of applicants think that programs using 3rdFriday have a better chance to attract better applicants
84 %
of all GME programs stated that the 3rdFriday system made it easy for them to achieve their objectives.
90 %
of all GME programs liked these 3 features: real-time notifications, applicant’s reminders, data integration

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