Smart Waitlist

With 3rdFriday’s waitlist management, you can create ordered or pooled waitlists for optimal accessibility to fill positions and maximize completed interviews.  

The waitlist can be organized and prioritized based on the program’s specifications, with automatic management of candidate response times. 

You have the option to choose selected candidates or open the waitlist to all, and private events ensure that only preferred candidates fill available positions.

Scoring & Ranking

3rdFriday enables faculty to evaluate candidates efficiently with configurable scoring algorithms and note-taking options that promote holistic review and comprehensive evaluation to ensure fairness, optimize multiple rank lists, and support top candidate matches. Programs can create scoring algorithms that measure candidate desirability and fit and store faculty evaluations in a centralized location. The scoring workflow is streamlined to minimize paper scoresheets, and the rank list slide sorter view allows drag and drop reordering. The system provides easy export that integrates with the NRMP R3 system.

Itinerary Builder

3rdFriday offers a comprehensive solution for interview day scheduling by allowing programs to build individual applicant and faculty schedules that align with their interview day agenda. By combining the advanced scheduler with the itinerary builder, program coordinators can manage all aspects of the interview day scheduling process, ensuring they can focus on the applicant experience and supporting faculty and leadership. Programs can organize events by candidates, interviewer, or location, and view faculty availability dates and times to streamline scheduling. Custom sessions can be created to match the interview process, and individual and group schedules can be printed for candidates and faculty. The system’s scoring functionality also enables full interview season management.

Program coordinators and administrators can use 3rdFriday’s itinerary wizard to quickly and easily create interview day schedules, freeing up time to organize an optimal interview day experience. Instead of wrestling with spreadsheets and formulas, the wizard allows coordinators to instantly create applicant and interviewer itineraries for both virtual and in-person interviews. The system provides the flexibility to create and define applicant groups, set the length, number, and types of interviews per applicant, and assign faculty interviewers, groups, and/or panels. Programs can also schedule outline events, such as orientation and tours, and review the results before publishing schedules to all.

For coordinators and administrators, assigning faculty and applicants can be an art form. To enhance established processes, 3rdFriday offers the ability to create rules for matching or avoiding pairing of faculty interviewers, groups, or panels with applicants based on clinical or other preferences. The system provides the flexibility to prefer, avoid, or force assignments with ease and dynamically make adjustments as needed, at any time. Programs can tailor applicant interview experiences and maximize outcomes by customizing preferences while maintaining control. Additionally, the algorithm-driven system optimizes schedule creation, and last-minute changes can be accommodated automatically to ensure that faculty stuck in clinic or the OR do not disrupt the interview process.

With 3rdFriday, creating subsequent interview day itineraries is easy, thanks to the ability to use customized and savable templates. The system enables programs to replicate itinerary structures, preferences, and more at the click of a button, avoiding the need for manual assignment. No matter how complex or sophisticated an interview schedule may be, it can be easily duplicated and applied to any and all interview days. With multiple templates available, the possibilities are unlimited, making it simple to work smarter, not harder. Programs can streamline the scheduling experience even further by running the itinerary wizard again, maximizing efficiency and ensuring a seamless process.

98 %
applicant’s overall satisfaction with using 3rdFriday
90 %
of applicants think that programs using 3rdFriday have a better chance to attract better applicants
84 %
of all GME programs stated that the 3rdFriday system made it easy for them to achieve their objectives.
90 %
of all GME programs liked these 3 features: real-time notifications, applicant’s reminders, data integration

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