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With PanoramaMD, program coordinators can deliver a top-notch virtual interview experience and focus on engaging with applicants, faculty, and program leadership during interview days. The GME-focused virtual interview platform is designed to provide an optimized experience, fully integrated with interviewer ranking and notes. Waiting room meetings and breakout rooms are generated automatically and linked directly to applicant and faculty schedules. The Master View tracks everything on interview day, streamlining program coordinator workflows and ensuring a seamless virtual experience.

The system includes innovative features, such as virtual “knock-on-the-door”, which allow program coordinators to notify interviewers when their interview time is almost up, and participant-driven movement, enabling applicants and interviewers to navigate interview days independently. Multiple video layouts are available to suit all types of sessions, including orientations, 1:1 interviews, and group/panel interviews, providing ideal views to enhance the interview experience. By using 3rdFriday, coordinators can deliver a top-notch virtual interview experience and maximize their time interacting with key stakeholders during the interview process.

3rdFriday’s custom virtual interview platform is designed specifically to support the GME interview day, providing a seamless experience that is fully integrated into the system. Our proprietary video technology, built on a private internet network, ensure  unmatched  performance quality and  the entirely web-based software requires no installation for faculty or applicants, making it convenient and easy to use. The platform enables unlimited concurrent interviews.

 Multiple video options are available, including dominant speaker and gallery view, and full screen-sharing capabilities make it easy to present program information. The platform features an easy-to-use interface for both interviewers and applicants, ensuring a smooth and stress-free experience.

Panorama’s convenient dashboard provides program coordinators and administrators with a summary view of all ongoing, prior, and upcoming interviews, enabling them to manage interview day events with ease. The system offers real-time information and feedback for all interview rooms, making it effortless to locate applicants and interviewers. Additionally, coordinators can virtually “Knock-on-the-door”, and join or close out meetings instantly to keep interviews on-time and running efficiently. By using 3rdFriday, programs can avoid the hassle of shuffling applicants and interviewers in and out of breakout rooms and instead have a streamlined interview day experience.

With 3rdFriday, scoring is seamlessly integrated into the virtual interview environment, enabling faculty to evaluate applicants in real-time or at any time throughout the process. The system features a customized scoring algorithm that ensures a fair and comprehensive evaluation of each applicant, and an easy-to-use faculty interface that streamlines the process. Scores and notes are automatically calculated and aggregated, directly integrating into 3rdFriday’s rank list functionality. Programs can also streamline access to primary application PDFs, ensuring that all relevant information is readily available to faculty. Additionally, 3rdFriday’s scoring system is private, permission-based, encrypted, and secure, protecting applicant information and ensuring confidentiality.

98 %
applicant’s overall satisfaction with using 3rdFriday
90 %
of applicants think that programs using 3rdFriday have a better chance to attract better applicants
84 %
of all GME programs stated that the 3rdFriday system made it easy for them to achieve their objectives.
90 %
of all GME programs liked these 3 features: real-time notifications, applicant’s reminders, data integration

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